Stunt Crazy

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Become a world famous stunt man by completeing stunts over 24 levels and using your car to destroy various film sets.Features Include: * 24 levels of explosive destruction over 4 themes (Sci-fi, Western, Horror and Adventure) * 12 cars to unlock * Earn extra fame and cash by putting on stunt shows * Upgrade system - make your car faster, buy missiles etc. * Lots of achievements, medal system * Make the news for both good and bad reasons (if your film hits no. 1 at the box office or is a flop) * Win yearly awards (stuntman of the year?) * Multiplayer hotseat and Career modes * Sandbox editor with online level sharing (Unlock tiles in career mode) * Special objects, including blockholes (warps), cannons and car-eating plants * Send you car in to orbit or out of the arena for a home run * Build up your crash bomb by destroying the scenery and use it to hurl your car at more stuff * Use your Stunt Rocket for the ultimate control in the air * Increase your fame and get a star on the walk of fame or even become president of the worldIf you love Burnout's "Crash Mode" on the Xbox 360/Playstation then you'll love Stunt Crazy.ControlsUp/W - accellerateDown/S - brake/reverseLeft/A - rotate/lean left (also move in the air)Right/D - rotate/lean right (also move in the air)Z or J - Fire MissileX or K - Turbo Rocket (useful for moving in the air)C or L or SPACE - Use crash bomb (hold Left/Right to control the direction you car will go), also fire cannonsYou can also affect the direction you come out of black holes and fly off the bouncers by holding down LEFT/RIGHT

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